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What We Do

Smycorp practices and is experienced in all of the primary commercial real estate industry disciplines while providing above market returns and creating value through development or repositioning of assets.

Our Services


Capital Arrangement

Smycorp has invested and partnered with many of Canada’s most notable names as well as participated alongside many institutions. Over the years Smycorp has raised well over 200 million of equity and syndicated close to 500 million of assets.

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Site Aquisition

As an entrepreneurial investor, Smycorp looks for broken assets and/or undervalued opportunities that have rezoning or repurposing potential. Our goal is to find returns that exceed those typically sought by institutions in assets that require greater effort and sophistication than are available to lay person investors given the unique vantage point the principals have on the industry.


Office & Retail Spacing

Urban in focus, Smycorp is agnostic to which arena they play in with downtown Toronto. The firm is regionally focused and is capable of retail and office leasing as well as land acquisition throughout the GTA. As former principal owners of Ashlar Urban Realty the Smith’s/Smycorp have deep contacts throughout the brokerage market.


Investment & Asset Sales

Craig Smith has been a veteran of Toronto real estate and has become well known for the billions of assets he has sold over his 30+ years as a broker and the emerging market focus that has become synonymous with his brand. Smycorp uses this expertise and those relationships to acquire and sell the very best opportunities. Craig never participates as broker on Smycorp owned/partnered assets and always seek third party advisors to avoid conflict.

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Asset Management

Smycorp typically provides asset management, counsel and oversight to the sites, buildings and their partners as a matter of practice and does not typically take asset management fees as they are always deeply invested and aligned.

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